Your class can chat with experts via Google Hangout

Google Hangouts is a great tool for expanding your classroom beyond the school walls. Why watch movies in class, when you can have a live chat session with experts in whatever field you are studying. Check out the clip below for a quick glimps into what a recent Science class experienced during their chat with conservation officers from Dupage Forest Preservation. Have you ever seen a group of students so enganged and interest while talking about different types of dirt?

While Google Hangouts is a great tool, it does take some upfront prep to make sure your class chat goes as planned. My tips, tricks, and challenges below will help ensure that your first Google Hangout goes of without a hitch…


  • Microphone – While many computers have a built in microphone, I have found that having an unidirectional mic with background cancelation and a longer cord to hand to students seems to work the best and give the least amount of feedback. I use the logitech usb desktop microphone with
  • Speakers – While headphones work the best for GoogleHanouts, this is not practical when sharing with an entire class. This is where the unidirctional micophone above becomes useful. Just make sure to set up your speakers away from where the mic will be set.