Country Project using Google Sites

Use Google’s website building tool “Sites” to create a website showcasing information you have researched and gathered on during the Foreign Country Project 1. Log into your Google account and access your Google Sites account and begin by choosing the blank template. Using the resources below, your goal is to create a website that will intrigue and inform browsers who visit your country information website.

Step 1 – Starting your website using Google Sites – tools, menus, and navigation

Create your basic website and explore the various page editing tools, menus, and options.

Video – Starting your website in Google Sites

Step 2 – Page Creations & Site Design Options

Create a series of pages for your website, and design the overall website look. Pages will include the Homepage, People and Culture, Travel information, Things to See and Do, and More info.

Video – creating pages

Video – Themes, Colors, and Fonts

Step 3 – Adding Content, Images, and Links

Step 4 – Multimedia Additions

Now that you have content in your pages, continue to enhance your site with gadgets (in the insert menu) and by embedding html code for widgets from third party sites. See below for some ideas of how these can be used on your site.

  1. Upload your slideshow movie from Project 2 of the Country Project series and embed it into your webpage.
  2. You can also upload and convert the Jeopardy Power Point you created in Project 3 and embed it into another webpage.
  3. Google Map of your country’s capital city
  4. Currency conversion gadget
  5. Flight information
  6. Hotel information of several hotels (w/ images and features)
  7. Weather gadget showing current weather
  8. Google Street view of interesting sites in your country
  9. Any other items you think would be useful to someone visiting your country.