Digital Media Ethics Project – Part 1 (Start Here)

This project series will lead you through a series of projects that will explore the ethics and laws behind digital media copyright infringement, illegal downloads, and software piracy.

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Digital Media Project Intro & Notes

mediaethics“Digital media piracy is the unauthorized copying or distribution of copyrighted media. This can be done by copying, downloading, sharing, selling, or installing multiple copies of the digital media. When you purchase digital media, you are actually purchasing a license to use it, not the actual media. A software license is what tells you how many times you can install the software, therefore it’s important to read and understand it. If you make more copies of the software than the license permits, you are pirating and thus breaking the law. The same is true for all digital media, including music, videos, apps, and software. Whether you are casually making a few copies for friends, loaning CDs, downloading or distributing pirated software from the Internet, or buying a single software program and then installing it on multiple computers, you are committing copyright infringement”

For this series of projects You will be learning about current laws and issues regarding technology ethics, illegal downloads, music piracy, software piracy, and copyright infringement. Complete each project part in the order listed below:
Part 1 – Intro – Digital Media Project Intro
Part 2 – Copyright Video
Part 3 – Lawsuit Article
Part 4 – LimeWire/IP Address
Part 5 – Current News
Part 6 – Copyright Infringement/Software Piracy Website

Digital Media Ethics Intro Notes

Part 1  –  Part 2  –  Part 3  –  Part 4  –  Part 5 – Part 6