Online gift list organizer

Christmas Wish List LogoWith the gift giving season soon approaching, it is time to starting thinking about what gifts to get for family and friends. A useful tool I have found is the Christmas Wish List website. This site allows you to create a group and invite family and friends to join your group. The site allows you to create a wish list and share it with group members. Other members of the group can view eachothers’ lists, and mark an item as purchased (not viewable by the list owner) to help avoid duplicate gifting. So far, I have only found one flaw in the site. As you sign up for your initial profile, the final step includes a “continue” button which leads to a broken link. This can easily be remedied by skipping this last step and just navigating back to the initial, site.


The site I ended up using this year is Full of great features including gift suggestions for other people on the list group, gift reservation to help avoid duplicate gifts, and a clean dashboard style homepage.