PhotoShop/Premiere Elements 8

Looking for a robust photo editing suite? Be sure to look at Adobe’s Photoshop Elements 8, also bundled with their video editing software Premiere Elements 8. If you are an experienced user of one of the older versions of Photoshop, the learning curve will be signifigantly lower for this new version. Although there seems to be an extensive library of help topics online, there is a lack of video tutorials. Oddly enough, one of the more confusing applications that comes bundled with this software is the Organizer Elements application. This software is intended to organize and analyize your existing media library, but it is not entirely intuitive. A quick search of the internet has uncovered several good tutorial resources to help get aquainted with this software:.

Elements Organizer 8 (File Organization)

Photoshop Elements 8 (Image)

Premiere Elements 8 (Video)