Student Favorite Typing Game – Nitro Type

nitroraceNitro type has quickly become a student favorite for speed building and fun. Your vehicle races against four other competitors with the speed of your vehicle determined by your typing speed and accuracy. You can race as a guest, or sign up for a free account.

I am generally very careful about what 3rd party websites I allow my students to sign up for, but NitroType collects very minimal information to create an account. Students are just asked for a user name, password, and an optional email. This email only seems to be used for password/username recovery.

Once an account has been created, your progress and accomplishments are recorded and will accumulate. You are able to upgrade your vehicle in the game’s garage, giving users motivation to continue playing their best. Your user name will also allow classmates to invite you into a race, allowing students to race against each other.

Check them out at: