Technology Education & Literacy

With the influx of technology integration into the classroom and the fact that technology literacy is an essential skill for students of the 21st century, formalized technology education should be a required subject in all schools. Math & Reading skills are the main focus of most school districts and state assessments. thus, Math and Reading are dedicated courses during a student’s educational career. Math and Reading are so essential to a student’s success, that they are integrated into every other subject area to help give real world application and practice to these essential skills.

I would argue that in the 21st century, computer literacy and technology skills are just as important to a student’s success as these “traditional” subjects. Just like Math and Reading, there will be very few careers of the future that do not REQUIRE these skills to be successful. Why then, do some school district treat this essential skill as something that can just be integrated into regular subject areas, and not taught as a dedicated course. You would never assume a student could master math just because it has been integrated into other subjects, so why would the same strategy work for computer literacy?

As a computer instructor within a district that values this topic, I have the opportunity to ensure that my students are just as prepared for their futures with technology skills as they will be with Math and Reading skills.

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