Technology Safety

With the expodential growth of technology in our lives, so grow the risk of it’s misuse. Rather than trying to stay ahead of what dangers are out there (because there are new ones every day), I would suggest that a new way of thinking about technology will help you avoid the pitfalls of technoloy misuse.

Three main areas of concern regarding technology safety are:

1) Cyberbullying

2) Protection of Privacy

3) Staying Safe

**Sub-Topic: Viruses and Spyware

FEE – Following the FEE principal will help you understand and navigate technology dangers today and tomorrow. FEE is an acronym for Forever, Everywhere, Everyone..

Forever – Everything you do online and electronicly is saved somewhere. Even if you “delete” your post, picture, or text…it can be retrieved or recovered.

Everywhere – Cellphones and the Internet were built to share information as a part of their design. Preventing this natural instinct to share is only accomplished by adding on privacy and security settings. All it takes is for one of these security layers to fail and your information is “Everywhere”

Everyone – In the age of global constructiveness, everyone who has access to the internet or technology

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