This Weeks Top 5 Chrome Extensions for Education

google-chromeChrome is a great browser, and its extensions library makes it even better. With hundreds to choose from, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Listed below are the top 5 chrome extension I use on a weekly basis within the classroom and during lesson planning. Get your extensions from the Chrome Web Store.


  1. 1-Click timer is a simple, easy, and slick timer to use in class.
  2. Screencastify is an integrated screen capture extension that allows you to record your computer screen, voice, and webcam to create great tutorials and videos.
  3. ShortenMe is an easy way to shorten urls using the service, including access to a QR Code for the url.
  4. Save to Google Drive gives you a single click access to save screen shots of your browser window, and save them directly to your Google Drive
  5. Google Translate extension gives you quick and easy access to the Google Translate features including translation of webpages and translating highlighted text.