Virus Protection and Removal

Most computer users know the basics regarding viruses and how to avoid the most obvious ones, but there are some sneaky ones that will fool even the most veteran web surfer. A threat that seems to be on the upswing is “rogue antispyware.” This spy-ware will infect your computer, then offer to sell you a virus fix. It looks very legitimate, but if I can give you one tip, it is this simple one: Never let your computer direct you to a website that will help you fix it. Use your own resources, and download fixes from reputable software companies you have heard of. Symantec, Norton, Mcafee, etc. Check out more information from Symantec’s website. If you get infected, here are some useful resources I have used in the past to help research and remove these pests.

Article: Clone rogue antispyware

Symantic’s security response webpage

Symantic’s virus threat monitor

Search for a virus and removal directions – use this tool if your current virus protection software has identified a virus, but is unable to remove it.

Infected with Zafi.B or Win32.Zafi.B. Not sure if your virus is legit? Do an online scan with one of these tools:

 Infected with Win32.Erkiz.B