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 UIUC web design using Netscape Composer Web Design Considerations


Web Site Reliability Evaluation Resources:

Web Page Evaluation Worksheet – This is a worksheet designed by Dr. Nancy Everhart, which asks the users to allot points for various categories such as currency, content, authority, and access based on one’s own judgment. This site requires you to figure an overall score. Scores are then ranked into categories from excellent to unacceptable.

Evaluating Web Resources – This is a site that contains links to various evaluation checklists and materials that can be useful to educators attempting to evaluate sites for useful information. This site is sponsored by the Widener University Wolfgang Memorial Library.

Evaluation Rubrics for Websites – This is the Loogootee Elementary West School site. They have developed three rubrics for website evaluation to be used at the elementary, middle, and high schools respectively. The rubrics progress in depth as the student level increases, and they are in ready-to-use form. This site also has many teacher resource links regarding safe use of the internet.

Lessons Learned: Exemplary Practices in Teaching Web Evaluation – This website contains outlines easily transferred into a PowerPoint presentation for teaching web evaluation. It also contains links for lesson plans, rubrics, and has an extensive bibliography. The lesson plans range from 10 minutes to 1 hour, and the plans include class activities, small group activities, and individual activities.

The following are links to sites that are useful examples of numerous topics.


The following is a list of sites that can be helpful in presenting the various purposes of web pages.