Your Facebook post can get you robbed!

Social media is a great way to stay connected and share your life with your friends, but it is also a great tool for thieves to find their next victim. Do you REALLY know if you can trust all those “friends” on Facebook. Do you know who is reading your Twitter feed?

The very tools we love for their ability to share with others, is also sharing when your home is empty, how long, and many times, where it is. Check out the stories regarding social media users, and how their posts lead to their victimization.

I am heading out to see this band, come rob me…

Check out this story about Keri McMullen, from New Albany, Indiana on CNN. After posting a quick status update regarding her upcoming night out, a recently “friended” acquaintance used this info to time their robbery perfectly.


Check out my Cash….Now come steal it!


The Daily Telegraph reports that a 17 year old Sydney girl who was helping her grandmother count her personal savings, decided to snap a shot of the cash and post it to Facebook. Later that evening, two men broke into the house and robbed the women at knife point. Although the girl and the cash were already gone, a small amount of cash and personal belonging were taken. This is a frightening event that could have turned violent, and could have been prevented. Remember that everything you post on the internet, has the potential to be viewed by EVERYONE!